Monday, March 1, 2021

Going (Band)Camping: Ninth Edition

Anyone in the mood for more music? Well, I hope you are, because this latest post has what I've been giving a listen on the snazzy website, Bandcamp. All of the artists I'm going to discuss can be found there so if something I discuss sounds appealing, don't hesitate to give it a listen at the links!

roelroel--I"ll Be Fine

This LP from roeroel is quite lovely. It has a chill alternative indie rock sound with smooth instrumentation and great singing. Many of the songs have a quiet melancholy simmering underneath the upbeat vibe. As for my favorite tune, I really dug, "Feelings." With its dreampop-style synth and nice little drum-kick I found myself coming back to that song a lot. The whole album is fantastic, however! Find it here.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Mr. Pope & The People's Love Cult--Century Girl & Other Reoccurring Themes

Anything from Mr. Pope I listen to I like, it is as simple as that. He performs his music with a stellar blend of laid-back chill and hopeful enthusiasm that makes every track on his latest LP a treat. If you like indie rock that evokes a bygone era of peace, love, and jamming out then Mr. Pope provides just what you're looking for. We follow each other on Twitter and he told me how he feels this is possibly the best work he's ever made. I wholeheartedly agree because I love it. Every single track. See why it's so great here.

5 out of 5 stars.

Sad Eyed Beatniks--Places of Interest

A bit more indie rock! This album by the Sad Eyed Beatniks sounds a little like opening a portal to an alternative universe where Punk grew into something a little softer but still with some edge. The tunes have a really lo-fi sound, which makes sense as this album was created on some old-school tech like 4-track cassette recorders. Everything flows pretty well, but there wasn't a specific track that stood out to me so much as the whole album is pretty solid. Give it a listen.

4 out of 5 stars.

Rawls Royce--Llarold

Now for some punk rock. Rawls Royce delivers a solid EP with some great tunes here--the second one, "Elon (Take Me Home)," is fantastic with its discussion and criticism of technology and its impact on our lives from everything such as romance or travel. The 3rd track, "You Can't Play Chel to Chelsea Wolfe," borders almost on a heavy metal/screamo level at some points, and I'm not as into those genres, but generally, this EP is just punky goodness. Try it out here.

4 out of 5 stars.

Katy Kirby--Cool Dry Place

I love some good folky-styled acoustic rock as has been apparent from it being the majority of what I reviewed today, and Katy Kirby firts that bill perfectly. Her thoughtful vocals about friendship, life, and getting through struggles float over stellar drumming and great guitar melodies. The at-first sneakily quiet, "Tap Twice," is a favorite track of mine as it builds to an exhilarating climax of sound, but I enjoyed the whole album. You should definitely check it out at this link.
5 out of 5 stars.

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