Monday, March 29, 2021

Soon I'm Gonna Watch Godzilla and King Kong Punch Each Other and I'm Gonna Enjoy it!

I'm a kid at heart. At least, that's what I tell restaurants when I want to order from the kid's menu. I'm also a kid at heart because the thought of watching Godzilla and King Kong beat the snot out of each other gives that child within me a big thrill. For that reason, I am interested in, "Godzilla Vs. King Kong," and pleased to see some good reviews saying it delivers on the fun. There have been some movies that have slowly led-up to this fight, and I liked the first Godzilla one in 2014 as well as appreciating, "Kong: Skull Island," in 2017

I haven't seen the, "Godzilla: King of Monsters," from 2019 but may give it a quick viewing before watching him and Kong punching each other--it doesn't seem like you have to have seen any of the other flicks to be ready for this one, however. After those movies, I am glad we are at the, "Main event," of sorts and that I can see it on HBO MAX if I'm not comfortable going to a movie theater (I am not yet wanting to do so). This is a pure, "Popcorn," movie with a focus on keeping things fun and I'm totally down for it. It'll be in theaters and streaming this Wednesday.

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