Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Marvel is Doing ANOTHER Event with Symbiotes Called, "Extreme Carnage," and I'm Just Befuddled

"King in Black," is wrapping up with issue #5 and it was mediocre-at-best. It featured a, "God of the symbiotes," named Knull who had an interesting character design and little else going for him. Marvel was promoting Knull, hard, and now they have plans to do another event with more symbiotes? Yep! This July will mark the start of, "Extreme Carnage," and I'm just kind of going, "Really?" at this news. It isn't a mega-event, but still, maybe we should give the symbiotes a rest for a bit beside a solo Venom comic. For all I know it'll be a great read, but the optics, man, the optics are all off. Marvel is saying, "We know you're burned-out on symbiotes, but here's even more!" and I'll probably skim it but not bother buying it, to be honest. I guess we'll see what people say when, "Extreme Carnage," starts-up in July.

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