Saturday, March 20, 2021

A New, "Predator," Comic With Kev Walker Involved? Yes, Please!

For the longest time, you could find some quality, "Predator," comic from Dark Horse. They had a licensing agreement with Fox to publish the comics. Then Disney bought Fox, and let the rights expire so they could give them to their own comic company that they own (Disney has bought a lot), Marvel. It's been a bit since we had Predator comics, but now there will be a brand-new series with Ed Brisson writing and Kev Walker on art. Wait, did I just see that Kev Walker is doing the art? This is gonna be good!

The comic takes place, "In the near future," as a woman who saw her family slaughtered by a Predator goes on to try and find it and kill it herself for some good ol' fashioned revenge. That seems sufficiently straightforward enough to bring us some stellar Predator-fighting action that Kev Walker will surely illustrate majestically. I'm pumped!

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