Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Check out, "The Breakfast Bunch," Kickstarter Campaign!

A bit ago Ryan Little reached out to me about his comic, "The Breakfast Bunch." He told me about how the first issue would be launching a Kickstarter campaign as of today and offered to let me read it. After I checked out some sample art and heard what, "The Breakfast Bunch," was about, I eagerly read it! It centers on a team of breakfast cereal characters like the kind you'd see on boxes; they actually exist in a mythical World and are on a quest to find the, "Perfectly balanced breakfast." 

I loved this creative concept and the story of the first issue really delivers on it. Between the gorgeous illustrations and exciting challenges our heroes face (with a healthy dose of humor), I loved the first issue of, "The Breakfast Bunch." Little really manages to create a fantastical world full of lush colors and detailed creations from imposing dungeons to scary fanged opponents. I was very impressed with his work and loved this debut issue.
"The Breakfast Bunch," just launched its Kickstarter campaign today and you can find it here. I would rate this first issue 5 out of 5 stars and recommend giving it a look!

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