Thursday, April 1, 2021

April Fools' Day is the Worst

I'd never actually hit a horse, living or dead. That said, I have beaten plenty of metaphorical dead horses and one that I'm always walloping is sharing my deep hatred of April Fools' Day. A day where you can't trust anything you read online even more than usual. A day some people decide to make dumb fake announcements or, "Prank," others in cruel manners. I just hate it. I'm not opposed to a fun little cute joke on the day, like how I got an email from The Parking Spot about how they'll be removing all spots from their logos or buses--the email quickly said this was a joke, of course. That's humorous and doesn't hurt anyone. 

Falsely posting you are pregnant is hurtful, fake deaths are terrible, and if you trick people into eating something gross you're the worst kind of person. I don't get why individuals or brands want to pull pranks as if this day gives you carte-blanche to be a rude idiot. If you want to do dumb jokes at people's expense don't do it the day we expect it and supposedly excuse your behavior. Be a jerk year-round so we know what kind of person you are. Let's try and get through this day as painlessly as possible.

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