Friday, April 2, 2021

Mike Wolfer Has a New, "Gallery of Chills," Kickstarter!

Mike Wolfer is a comic creator and all-around cool guy I've interviewed a number of times for the blog. I've also backed a lot of his stuff on Kickstarter. He has a new project that is 100% done and just needs to be printed for anyone who backs the Kickstarter. It is, "Gallery of Chills," and looks cool! It is a book full of sexy and scary horror pin-ups. I backed the $15 level where you get the printed comic as well as a pdf version. You can do a number of add-ons that include rewards from his previous campaigns if you're interested in Wolfer's other awesome works too. I'd encourage you to check, "Gallery of Chills," out. Here's the link again if ya need it.

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