Friday, April 30, 2021

They Went and Made, "Dee's Nuts."

I had a running joke with my wife. I told her that with my name being David, I should start selling nuts. I would call them, "D's nuts." I'd make dumb and silly ads where I'd say things like, "You love those nuts? Well, try D's nuts!" or, "D's nuts taste great in your mouth!" Just dumb juvenile humor. Well, it seems someone had a similar idea as I was at the gas station yesterday and saw the above display. The spelling is different than I imagined, but we've got, "Dee's Nuts."

Dee's Nuts had a variety of flavors that looked kind of odd from, "Banana pudding," to, "Pickle," a more normal, "Cool Ranch Siracha," and the one that sounded especially interesting to me, "Peanut butter and jelly." I will admit that Dee's Nuts were indeed tasty and I liked them. It's more than just a silly joke, it is some good stuff. The flavor wasn't overpowering, there was enough (but not too much) salt, and Dee's Nuts had a good crunch.

While I'm a little sad that I wasn't able to create and sell D's Nuts, I am happy to have tried and enjoyed Dee's Nuts. I'm still wary of the banana pudding flavor, but I may try the cool ranch siracha in the future. Dee's Nuts were indeed dee-licious! Find them at all quality stores or on their website.


  1. ahh so you live in florida

    1. Actually, in Saint Louis, but we get the nuts here too!

  2. my friends dad owns it the person who owns it is brian a ditore