Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Meet My New Son!

Meet Clarkson!
He wasn't due until May 7th, but Samii's water broke early (last Friday) and due to concerns about the risk of infection her labor was induced yesterday evening. Therefore, we have now given birth to our first son! At 8:14 AM today, 2/28/17, our 4 pound and 2.3 ounce baby was born! I would like to introduce everyone to our son, Clarkson Joseph Raymond Bitterbaum. He has two middle-names because he clearly gave us the trouble of at least two babies!

As he is officially premature he will have to live at the NICU for some weeks--anywhere between 4-10. We are allowed to visit anytime and stay as long as we want however, and can bring guests to meet him too. We are sad he can't go home with us when Samii is discharged but know that he is getting great care. He is breathing great with assistance from a machine to make sure he has no problems and other than some bruising to his right arm when he was delivered all is well.

I am so excited to officially be a Father now and hope to be a good Dad. I look forward to updating everyone about Clarkson in-between my usual posts where I praise/insult popular culture.

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