Monday, July 11, 2011

New Thoughts On The DC 52 In September--No, Just No

There are the DC books that scream, "We really needed 52 books to fill this month," and these are those. Be they bad ideas, bad creative teams, or just plain...bad, this are the books I would avoid like a dog that had just rolled in dead animal.

Batman: The Dark Knight #1       
Two issues of this have gotten out so far, and apparently maybe two more will squeak out with David Finch doing art on one of them even though the whole point of the series was for it to be a showcase of his drawing skills. Less than five issues and a reboot, that has to be a record.

Blackhawks #1
"Hey, let's do a GI Joe comic in the DC Universe!" Hey, let's not!

Deathstroke #1
Is there anyone out there who isn't sick of Deathstroke by now? He's an evil mercenary, he's out for blood, how tough and cool! At least his rip-off Deadpool tries to be funny.

Detective Comics #1
Tony Daniel is writing this, and his work on the main Batman book has varied from serviceable to awful. I don't have the money or patience for anything below good these days.

Green Arrow #1
J.T. Krul doing more Green Arrow, because his last run on the book that is finishing up apparently wasn't enough of a bore.

Hawk and Dove #1
Rob Liefeld is doing the art. I only like him in very particular cases, and this ain't one of them. Good luck with this book, DC.

Keith Giffen on this sounds good, Dan Didio sound awful. Noooooo thanks.

Red Hood and The Outlaws #1
Red Hood and Arsenal looking all tough with Starfire as a some kind of supposed bad-ass even though she used to be a well-meaning princess who was quite nice. You have two characters many people despise and one changed so much she is unrecognizable. That's a recipe for success!

Red Lanterns #1
Peter Milligan doing this sounds kind of cool, but its about the Red Lanterns, the lamest of the color spectrum introduced in the Green Lantern books, and it has Ed Benes doing art. No thank you.

Suicide Squad #1
What the Hell did they do to Harely Quinn? Plus the solicit sounds like the current Thunderbolts with the idea of criminals getting rehabilitated but more lame.

Supergirl #1
It's Supergirl, and she has a bad attitude about Earth and otherwise sounds like the kind of person you would consider a jerk after spending a few minutes around. Why would I want to read about said person's adventures?

Teen Titans #1
With a cover that has heroes wearing costumes straight out of someone's worst nightmare of the 1990s, and a solicit that sounds like a middle-aged man trying to make a comic that appeals to teens, this just sounds plain terrible.

The Savage Hawkman #1
I've never had much of any interest in Hawkman, and seeing that Tony Daniel is writing this is a nail in the coffin of me even trying it.

Voodoo #1
Of all the Wildstorm properties, you go with this one? Is it because of the crappy Alan Moore mini she got (I read it, it was pretty poor)? Really, why Voodoo?

There are the terrible-sounding/looking books. Which do you think will fail? Which do you think will actually sell well because people have terrible taste? What may turn out to be good despite all odds? You tell me, I can't see the future, and if I could I would probably invest my money better than buying comics.

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