Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Casey Anthony Trial And All I Have To Say About The Verdict (Because Every Other Ninny Wants To Discuss It)

For those living under a rock, there was a case that for some reason got a lot of national attention even though other little girls go missing all the time and turn up dead who have bad mothers. It was the Casey Anthony case. In news that shocked a bunch of folk, she was found not guilty of any of the violent crimes she was accused of against her baby daughter, Kaylee. Look, do I really need to re-state any of this? You all know it. Anyways, everyone has an opinion so why don't I offer mine. After the cut see everything I have to say on the topic, because if we're honest I'm just as qualified as some of the talking-heads you've seen on the news--i.e. not at all.

I don't give a damn.

Okay, maybe I should elaborate. I was amused at how pissed off Nancy Grace was that her personal crusade was all for naught because I can't stand her. As to whether Casey Anthony killed Kaylee? I don't know, we never had any hard evidence, that is why the jury didn't convict. We had a lot of good circumstantial evidence, and depending on your jury that can mean a conviction or acquittal--Casey Anthony got the latter.

For all we know there was an accident that spun out of control, who knows? It is clear that Casey is a pathological liar and the jury agreed by finding her guilty on 4 misdemeanor counts of lying to federal officials. I keep saying these two words, but who knows what the sentence will be at 9AM. I only watched the verdict on live T.V.  2-ish on Tuesday because I took a late lunch and someone mentioned it was going to be on, so I tuned in. I was quite surprised and did call someone who was following the case more closely but I knew wouldn't be near a T.V. but after my shock at the not guilty verdict just because everyone was saying it would be otherwise....I've kind of stopped caring. At all. We have wars going on, an economy in trouble, countless other big issues...and yet the media chooses to focus in on this while Nancy Grace screams about how the devil is dancing (I swear, I saw the clip). So yeah, American citizens, go ahead and watch the sentencing at 9AM tomorrow because I know you are curious, but after that let's drop it and get to work on the real problems.

I've said all I have to say, although the short version is still: Seriously, I don't give a damn.

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