Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 2011 Previews--What Looks Promising

Time to say what is looking like it might be pretty snazzy in the latest edition of Previews that came out recently. Oh, you know my spiel about how I mention new things and not all the good things that have been coming out forever, etc. etc. As always the popular "what looks awful" will be posted soon too. Look for it tomorrow morning around 10:30 AM.

Pg. 188, Batman: Noel
It has Lee Bermejo as the illustrator, the same guy who did the great Joker book with Azzarello. It's a holiday tale with a twist or something, but who cares what it's about, it has art by Lee Bermejo!
Pg. 160, The Ghost of D'Airain Aventure
Finally, I can get the sold-out and hard to find "D'Airain Aventure" comic's two issues and some new pages in this hardcover book. Why am I so excited? Because it is all art by Ashley Wood, whom I absolutely love as folk know. Chris Ryall did some writing too and he and Wood have teamed up often to create quality stuff so you know this shall be great.
Pg. 231, Mr. Murder Is Dead
Both a throwback to Golden-Age comics and a dark noir tale, this looks really cool. I put some art above as the image to show the interplay of the dark real world the characters live in and the comic-strips based on one of the characters that look all cute and classic. Yeah, this is one of those comics I knew nothing about till I saw it in Previews then I started doing some searching on the web and it looks really cool.

Marvel Book Pg. 64, Wolverine: Debt of Death #1 [it's a one-shot]
Wolverine is done to death, but a solicit that says it has David Lapham writing and David Aja on art and then only adds in all capital letters, "WOLVERINE FIGHTS FLYING BATTLEROBO SUITS IN JAPAN!!!!" so you have my attention. I mean, four exclamation marks, this either is really incredible or Marvel is hyping an utter piece of crap, but with it being the talented Lapham and great Aja I don't think that will be the case.
Marvel Book Pg 81, Casanova: Avaritia #1
Brand new Casanova, which is arguably Matt Fraction at his best, and either of the BÁ brothers is great, although I am a bit partial to Gabriel and he is the artist for this issue and I assume the arc. It's Casanova for Lord's sake, do you need any more of a reason to pick it up?

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