Monday, May 4, 2020

Peter Weber Finally Did Something Smart

As they video chat during quarantine they look...happy? Wow!
When Peter Weber's season of, "The Bachelor," was happening I wrote about just how terrible he was at everything. He kept mistaking dysfunctional behavior as, "Passion," and thought unless his relationships constantly had a crisis he needed to fix there was a lack of chemistry. He sent home the most mature, reasonable, and least-likely-to-murder-him-in-a-rage woman, Kelley when she was in the remaining 5. He ended-up choosing Madison to the chagrin of everyone (his Mother, especially) and then they broke up less than 48 hours after the finale. It was an entertaining mess and Clare Crowley's season is on hold for now due to COVID-19 so the only, "Bachelor," content we have is a weird spin-off featuring amateur singers who hope to find love and fame. Just when you would have thought we were done with Peter, however, he went and...actually did something smart?

Yes, my friends, Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan seem to be dating, and happy/not constantly fighting. It seems Peter finally realized that maybe the woman who pointed out a relationship can be, "Easy and fun," with just the occasional difficult discussion as opposed to a constant battle of emotions with brief respites of peace eventually got through to ol' Pete, it just took some months after his season for a bit of sense to get drilled into his noggin. It is a nice epilogue to the whole ordeal that was his season.

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