Monday, May 11, 2020

So...Raw Egg Whites are Basically Safe to Ingest?

I was reading interesting things on the internet as I try to keep informed of news and random trivia. This led to me to a piece by Jim Vorel of PASTE who wrote about why egg whites are safe in many alcoholic drinks where they give it a silky, "Fizz." I am one of those people who has always been paranoid of raw eggs--I ate a really undercooked sunny-side egg once as a child before I took a plane flight and threw-up in the middle of the aisle after the plane landed upon suddenly feeling quite ill and spending a couple more days sick didn't help either. So yes, I've got a bit of a complex. However, it seems egg whites generally are quite safe.

The reason eating raw cookie dough can be risky lies more with the risk of salmonella in flour (something I have read about flour an assortment of places) and many chickens now don't have salmonella that often due to being vaccinated. The biggest risk with an egg is the outside shell these days, which makes cleaning the shell thoroughly before cracking them and getting the insides a key aspect of avoiding illness. There is a tiny and almost negligible risk to anyone with a normal and healthy human immune system, but overall egg whites and eggs, in general, are generally safe to ingest raw in your alcoholic drinks, some of those keto salad dressing recipes, etc. In closing, when you eat raw cookie dough it's the flour that might get ya, not the eggs. Ain't that a kicker?

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