Thursday, May 7, 2020

Microsoft Showed Off Games for the Xbox Series X

You know who seems to be purposely coming up with bad console names lately? Microsoft. We all mocked Nintendo for a name like, "Wii," but then Microsoft followed-up the Xbox with the Xbox 360....which means you're back where you started. Then they made the Xbox One...which was the third despite the name. Now we've got what is tentatively called the Xbox Series X which makes me wonder where series A-W has been. with that said, Microsoft showed off some games via the internet (no big in-person event due to COVID-19) running the Xbox Series X technology with the disclaimer things an change, but that it was a general indicator.

Things of course looked really snazzy, and Microsoft tackled the tricky aspect of how many games will be on the previous generation console as well by offering the, "Smart Delivery," feature which a number of titles will have. Basically, if you buy a game for the Xbox One you'll be able to play the next-generation version once it is released for free. Not all companies are doing this, and some that are doing it a confusing manner, but it is a nice gesture for Microsoft and some companies to engage in. I don't play games as much--acquisition of a Nintendo Switch early in quarantine to try some titles out aside. Therefore, I'm not chomping at the bit for new fancy consoles, but its fun to see what the new tech can do. Now we just need to wonder what the future holds for the PlayStation 5 besides that ugly controller.

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