Wednesday, May 6, 2020

News and Links for May 2020 With Minimal Depressing Content

It Might Be May
Because 2020 just couldn't help itself the big topic for May (besides the ongoing concern of COVID-19) is what folk casually refer to as, "Murder Hornets. Let's try to avoid how much horrifically depressing stuff is going on and instead enjoy some fun bits of news and links, sound good?

Read These Things (or Don't, Whatever You Like)
Comic publisher Northwest Press is going to help people celebrate pride this June by mailing-out, "Pride Postcards," with all kinds of awesome artwork by creators. You can give the Kickstarter campaign for it a gander here.

Samii and I found Netflix's show, "Too Hot to Handle," to be dumb fun. I'm all for a, "Virtual reunion,' episode whilst waiting for a new season to be possible in a hopefully post-pandemic world.

Two video-game companies, THQ Nordic and Koch Media, traded some of their IPs to one another, with this news catching my eye as one IP was, "Red Faction," which had some awesome and miserable games. I am curious if this shuffling of rights between companies indicates plans for anything to be rebooted. Dare I assume we will get a new X-rated rip-off of, "The Sims," in the form of, "Singles: Flirt Up Your Life?"

I was a big fan of the first American Genre Film Archive's, "Mystery Mixtape," they released for just 99 cents (or you could donate more). They did a second one and now a third just came out too. I'd recommend giving them all a viewing!

I quite liked the comic, "Wyrd," and considered it one of the funniest reads of 2019. Comicsbeat just posted an interview with the book's artist, Antonio Fuso, and he mentions there will be more news on, "Wyrd,' in the future, so that excites me!

This article reviewing the early access/still-in-development game, "Lumberjack Dynstasy," makes taking down trees sound a lot more full of intrigue and mystery than you might assume.

Birdcage Bottom Books puts out some stellar indie titles and currently has a 50% off sale going for a number of their anthology books as long as you use the code HALFANTHOLOGIES at check-out to buy such awesome reads as, "Bottoms Up!" "Cringe," and, "Digestate."

In interesting news, long-running drama-thriller, "The Blacklist," is going to air its half-filmed season finale by doing the scenes that weren't complete in an animated graphic-novel style. That sounds snazzy and immediately makes me think of the classic, "Max Payne," games.

Quibi has had a rough time lately. Besides new episodes of the stellar, "Reno 911!" it has minimal interesting content, allegedly was taking privacy data to sell it shouldn't have (while claiming it was a glitch) and now Quibi is being sued for possibly ripping-off its, "Turnstyle," tech from another company. I've been fascinated by the service as something that had some clever ideas but seems to have botched almost everything since launch. At this rate, I doubt Qubi will exist by next year.

Enjoy the (Hopefully) Good Weather Responsibly!
I hope you enjoyed all or some of the bits of information I provided today. If the weather is nice where you are, go out and enjoy it, but make sure to still practice social distancing and otherwise be safe.

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