Sunday, May 10, 2020

Have a Wonderful Mother's Day!

My happy wife and sleepy son.
I want to wish everyone a happy Mother's Day. Whether you're a Mother by birth, adoption, or have served a Motherly role to someone, you are awesome and matter a lot. If I may offer an opinion, I think one of the best Mothers around has to be my wife, Samii, who is a stellar Mom to our son, Clarkson. I love them both so much and am thankful for them.

Also, to those who have lost pregnancies or children, I want to wish you a happy Mother's Day too as the love you have for your child you were unable to give birth to (or children you lost) is just as valid as those with children who currently are here with us. I want to offer my comfort and support to those who have lost their Mothers as well--I know this day can be hard. Much love to all the amazing Mothers!

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