Monday, May 18, 2020

I Continue to Watch the, "Star Citizen," Debacle With Vague Amusement

If by Universe you mean janky prototype of a game, sure...
Oh, "Star Citizen" you are such a delightful mess to witness. I wrote at the start of the year about the game and how it's raised absurd sums of money but continues to be in a development Hell of sorts with little in the way of an actual, playable, game. Instead, players can continue to spend tens of thousands of dollars of real money for virtual ships and the promise of being able to enjoy them in the game at some point in the future, just don't ask exactly when. Hey, don't worry though, you can fly the ships around a bit for an upcoming weekend free of extra charge and imagine them doing more besides just zipping about without anything to do in terms of gameplay (and then whatever you can play seems to usually crash after about 10 minutes, so at least you won't have time to get bored). If you like a ship, feel free to throw your money away buy those expensive ships after sampling them and maybe get to use them as something other than a decoration in another 10 or so years.

I think of, "Star Citizen," the same way I think about the eternally delayed, "New Mutants," movie: It will probably be fun if it ever comes out, but at this point, I doubt such a thing will happen anytime soon, if at all. Honestly though, at least, "New Mutants," could just be dumped on Disney+ in a worst-case scenario because it's actually done. "Star Citizen," seems to be a mixture of ideas and vaporware 8 or so years into development with 300 million-ish dollars invested. Yes, you read those numbers right.

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