Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Titanfall 2 was the Best Video-Game This Year, Even if Sales Don't Reflect That--2016 in Review

Game of the Year...That Nobody Played
If almost nobody plays the best game of 2016, is it still the best game of 2016? Yes, without a doubt, and if you're reading this, own a PC/console that can play, "Titanfall 2," and didn't buy it, I hold you personally responsible for its failing in the marketplace--you're uninvited to my tea-party.

Wait,  I take it back, you can come to my tea party. I mean, if we should blame anyone perhaps it is EA for their disastrous release schedule and shoddy marketing. It is an incredible shame however, because besides a surprisingly great single-player mode, "Titanfall 2," features more fun I've had playing online against folk than since maybe, "Overwatch," and that game sells like hotcakes so who knows what the problem is? I mean, its a game full of awesome mech-suits and soldiers fighting-it-out across action-packed landscapes. People should be begging to play a game this good, and instead it goes mostly ignored. I don't know what the problem is, but as long as enough people play to keep the servers active I'll always be eager to hop-onto a server and into a Titanfall mech.

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