Friday, December 30, 2016

Film Friday: (Potentially) Best Movies This Year I Didn't See--2016 in Review

Yet Again I Missed So Many!
It is becoming quite the trend that plenty of movies will come out which I would like to see, but don't actually manage to have the time to view until much, much later after they have come out. 2016 had numerous movies I'm sure are excellent, but I was only able to see some of the flicks I'd like to enjoy. I've got a selection of the (potentially) best movies of this year that I didn't see, and I'm sure there are some movies I missed that I'll also forget to include on this list. Just so much great stuff comes out!

In Alphabetical Order...
Accountant (The)
A stellar cast, a cool concept (a accountant who is much, much more than just that) and solid reviews all makes for what will probably be a good time.

This twisty-turny movie about Aliens and our planet's attempt to communicate with them was apparently quite the interesting science-fiction film, and unlike many sci-fi flicks also appealed to the more art-house crowd with its minimalist style and story-telling.

Doctor Strange
I know, I know, I'm embarrassed I missed it too. As a Marvel-movie lover I should have seen this, but I just didn't manage to get my bottom in the seat at the theaters for this. I'll make sure to get it on Redbox so as to continue making-sure I'm up-to-date on everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we approach the mega-sized, "Infinity War."

Don't Breathe
A home-invasion movie with the twist that the people doing the invading are the ones who actually end-up being preyed upon. I'm a fan of Stephen Lang and I bet he helps inject plenty of gravitas into the concept as the man hunting-down his would-be burglars.

Green Room
A punk-rock band fights neo-Nazis, and Patrick Stewart is in it? Sold.

Finding Dory
I've been told by many people it isn't as good as, "Finding Nemo," and seen reviewers stating the same. That said, everyone has told me it is decent entertainment.

Founder, The
The story of how McDonald's became a huge brand owes a lot to a milkshake-machine salesman portrayed by Micheal Keaton with his usual excellent acting abilities. Sounds quirky and interesting enough to check-out, wouldn't you agree?

I just want to see this because I'm a huge Natalie Portman fan, if we're being honest.

Jason Bourne
I always found myself pleased with the Matt Damon-starring, "Bourne," movies and this one was apparently a stellar return to form after a mostly forgotten spin-off attempt that happened awhile ago (poor Jeremy Renner).
Legend of Tarzan (The)
This movie got almost the most mixed-reviews of anything that came out this year, with some people loving it for its inventive storytelling and lush imagery, and others decrying it as boring pap. I want to see it and hope I like it as much as some folk did.

Lobster (The)
In the near-future people turn into animals if they can't find love. This concept is quite weird, and apparently results in an equally-strange and darkly comedic movie.

Midnight Special
A movie about a kid with super-powers filtered through the scope of an independent film-style. Folk who saw this loved it, and I imagine I might too.

Miles Ahead
I heard this movie was heavily flawed, but worth seeing for Don Cheadle's portrayal of Miles Davis if nothing else.

Many people are already declaring this the best movie of the year, and it sounds fascinating. A coming-of-age tale about a young black and gay man filled with apparently amazing direction and cinematography, if it is as good as people say I wouldn't be surprised to see it take home plenty of awards.

Nocturnal Animals
You had me with, "This movie features a story within a story." I'm a sucker for meta-textual stuff like that.

Pete's Dragon
Apparently this is an enjoyable mellow kids movie based upon the classic Pete's Dragon story. I have foggy memories of enjoying the original, "Pete's Dragon," growing-up so this movie sounds appealing too.

Purge: Election Year (The)
This of course isn't a high-brow film, but with each, "Purge," movie the political messaging and metaphors seem to become more-and-more apparent. This movie continues that trend and is apparently as visceral in its points about how we treat the poor and anyone we consider the, "Other," as it is action-filled and violent. Considering the recent results of the 2016 election the terrifying thing is how this concept feels less and less far-fetched as time goes by.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
I've always been more of a, "Star Wars," fan than a, "Star Trek," fan. I'm not a super-fan but I'm definitely a big enough follower to know my share of lore and history. I might still make it to the theaters in time to see this before the long wait for DVD/Blu-Ray.

Tom Hanks portrays the real-life hero of the Hudson. We all know the general story but I'm sure getting into the details is especially fascinating--and terrifying considering how much could have gone wrong.

Swiss Army Man
Remember how I said, "Tarzan," got nearly the most mixed-reviews? This baby here definitely got the biggest variety--with some folk calling it genius and others thinking it was a pointless piece of dreck. Personally, when you tell me it is a movie about a farting seeming-corpse that teaches a suicidal man how to value life again it sounds like you've described the perfect movie for me, so I'm gonna rent it and make-up my own mind in the near future.
A documentary that started out as being about a seemingly-silly subject ("Competitive Endurance Tickling,") but takes all kinds of interesting and lurid turns as what seems like an absurd little niche turns out to involve a sprawling business empire full of questionable ethics and possible crime--and then the threats of physical violence start! This movie sounds astonishing bizaare and I definitely want to check it out.

War Dogs
Loosely based on a true story, this movie apparently has its flaws but generally succeeds thanks to the chemistry between and great acting on display by Jonah Hill and Miles Teller. I always like a good dark comedy.

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