Saturday, December 31, 2016

Food of the Year: Sweet and Sour Chicken from A Specific Restaurant--2016 in Review

Sometimes I'll have a favorite food of a year, other times it might be a beverage. This year it was for sure a particular dish, however. In 2016 I often ate Sweet and Sour Chicken, with me purchasing it almost every Friday night (or other weekend day) from one of my favorite Saint Louis-region restaurants, China in Bombay. China in Bombay is a smaller restaurant that doesn't have a ton of seating because much of their business is from carry-out. They don't deliver, but their food is so good I'm more than willing to drive the 10-ish minutes there to get some awesome food. It isn't just their Sweet and Sour Chicken that is delicious, they have great wontons, soups, and superb Chicken Fried Rice. I just really love the Sweet and Sour Chicken though.

I'll usually order a differing number of items for other friends and relatives hanging-out with me when I call, but when I get to my order they know exactly what I'm going to say, "Sweet and Sour Chicken, no vegetables, sauce on the side." I get it that way because I find vegetables just get in the way of the crunchy-goodness, and I enjoy dipping my chicken in the sauce as opposed to it being pre-sauced. That way I cat get just the right amount of juices on my chicken before biting into sheer heaven. Without a doubt the meal I ate the most this year was Sweet and Sour Chicken from China in Bombay, and quite frankly, I wish I ate it even more than I already did (it's that good). I know no matter what trials and tribulations 2017 may bring that I will be calling China in Bombay whenever the mood for Sweet and Sour Chicken basically, anytime I'm hungry.

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  1. The prices are reasonable and the food is so flavorful. I got the Schumann Eggplant lunch special and though the portion was probably big enough for 2 meals, I ate it all because it was just so tasty!