Friday, December 9, 2016

I Am Really Enjoying the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Expansion for Hearthstone

I have been playing, "Hearthstone," for quite some time (since the initial launch) and you would think with all that time spent playing it off-and-on I would be super-skilled but I am strictly average. Much to the credit of the developer, Activision-Blizzard, I still love the game and enjoy it since I called it my, "Game of the Year," in 2014. To think I'm still playing a game for that long is pretty impressive, even if sometimes I do it in bits and spurts. "Hearthstone," has had a number of expansions since it started, from the kind where everyone gets the same cards for a set amount of gold to expansions where you can buy a bunch of cards and hope you get something amazing in the random packs (but may very well get trash). The latest expansion--"Mean Streets of Gadgetzan," is the latter sort of expansion, where we get a ton of cards that do all kinds of random things to affect the game. It's been good fun.

Some of the expansions have given us stuff that seemed cool but ended up sucking, and other times we have seen some cards come out that are so absurdly overpowered it feels like everyone uses them in the same strategy resulting in most matches being really boring--"Oh, another Zoolock." The thing I like so far about, "Mean Streets of Gadgetzan," is it supplies enough card with unique effects that I could see a number of strategies forming once the game has been out more than the week-ish folk have been playing with the new cards. Plus, if anything else it finally allowed me to build a decent Rogue deck--which is a miracle considering that is the character I am by far the worst at playing.
The "Boss," Legendary Cards for the expansion.
While there are of course already some clearly optimal ways to play the new cards, I keep seeing all kinds of cool strategies popping-up and most importantly even when I'm losing I'm enjoying the game thanks to some zany decks I've made. "Hearthstone," has been a bit up-and-down for me at times depending on the expansions that come out, but right now its riding high in terms of sheer fun-value. Plus, ever since the introduction of, "Standard, " and, "Wild," modes that retire older cards I've noticed that really keeps people's play-styles ever-changing--and with a card game you've always gotta keep things fresh. I would recommend checking-out Hearthstone right now whether you're new to it, or a lapsed pro who got bored and is maybe mulling-over coming back.

Oh, and if you're a player of, "Hearthstone," and wondering about  the Rogue deck I made which works pretty well (get ready for jargon non-players): It is one that emphasizes how certain cards can summon the Jade Giants and tries to mill the opponent at the same time. Basically I try to draw as many cards as possible with the Coldlight Oracle and cards that put him back in deck whilst also summoning Jade Giants to smack around the enemy. The Jade Giants help stop enemy minions whenever I lack a Sap or Vanish card and can sometimes even defeat the enemy hero before I mill them to the point of fatigue. It's really annoying to my opponent and oh-so-satisfying for me.

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  1. Oh, I tried so many times to come back to Hearthstone. Maybe this time I will play it again. My latest Hearthstone review is pretty old.