Friday, December 30, 2016

Best Comic-Artists--2016 in Review

I talked about a number of great comic-book writers in 2016, but only have two artists to talk about. A big aspect of comic-books is of course the artwork, but two people in particular caught my eye. The reason for that is while plenty of comics had great art these two creators made stuff where just seeing their illustrations made me say, "Whoa," to a degree that no other books did. One of these artists was on a book I otherwise honestly didn't really care for and the other worked on a title I loved but which was cancelled.

Jerome Opeña
I was not amazed by the story in, "Seven to Eternity," but man did it have some incredible art thanks to Opeña. I've only kept reading it due to how utterly incredibly the man's drawings of this strange alien world are. Opeña has worked on a number of comic books I've read and seems to just get better and better as the years go by. Even when he's doing a comic I don't especially like the story of, I know he'll doubtlessly impress with his art.

Kate Niemczyk
Niemczyk was the illustrator on one of my favorite cancelled comics of 2016 and while writer Chelsea Cain obviously was a big part of my enjoyment in regards to, "Mockingbird," Niemczyk and her artistic skills just made the book even more of a home-run. Whether creating cool layouts of a boat in a manner reminiscent of the complex designs found in, "Acme Novelty Library," or masterfully showing a fight scene's motion, Niemczyk is a boss on the comic-page.

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