Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 In Review--The Best Video-Game

Gaming the day away
I don't play video-games as much as I did when I was younger, but I still get some quality game-time in on occasion. I tried out a number of titles this year on my consoles, but found there was only one addicting enough that I would play it a bunch, stop, and then feel a strong urge to play it again--and this one wasn't even on a PlayStation or Xbox!

Best Video-Game of 2014--Hearthstone
Before you argue with me, I am fully aware that Hearthstone was playable back in 2013 during a beta stage, that said, it officially was released in March of this year, so hush-up if you have any protests! Also, I played Hearthstone mostly on the iPad which was available a tad later, so for me my Hearthstone enjoyment didn't really go into full-swing until late-April and early-May or so. I've written about Hearthstone before, be it the "base" game or the first expansion/adventure, and find that whenever I start to get tired of playing with the virtual cards, something happens to draw me back in.

For example, I hadn't been playing it as much lately, thinking that due to the current number of cards everyone appeared to be using the same decks, with little variation in strategy. Thankfully this issue was recently remedied by the release of a whole bunch of new cards that can dramatically shake-up games and has Hearthstone feeling fresh again. Just when I thought I was mostly done with the title, they came out with these"Goblins vs Gnomes" cards and went and drew me back in!
The changes the new cards bring aren't so dramatic as to utterly change "Hearthstone", they just help it keep feeling new and exciting--with that same sense of discovery I had when I first started playing and gaining new cards. I've put a lot of time into Hearthstone, and consistently enjoyed it throughout the year. For that reason, it is in my opinion the best game of 2014.

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