Wednesday, October 5, 2022

"Mount Pleasant," is a Wild Comic-Zine by my Friend, Robin Bougie

I have written before about the talented Robin Bougie. For years he put out his zine about underground/weird movies, "Cinema Sewer." I was honored to actually contribute an article to the last issue. Now, he has been doing a zine about bizarre comics titled, "Gutter Hunter." I am unsure where he finds the time, but he just released a large magazine-sized comic with the publisher Spread Love Comix. Titled, "Mount Pleasant," the cover is edgy enough I cropped out basically everything besides the title to keep my blog safe for work. As for the actual contents of the comic, the illustrations and strips are wildly raunchy, silly, funny, and have a cute bit of winking self-aware charm. As long as you don't mind a lot of dirty-but-clever jokes about sex that are expertly drawn, you'll have a fantastic time reading, "Mount Pleasant."

Bougie's illustrative talents can result in everything from cartoony cats driving cars to hyper-detailed portraits of famous models such as Bettie Page. One page will have a silly robot with a surreal mechanical appendage and the next will have a written rumination on the concept of artists' exploring, "Problematic," concepts through their work...with some really explicit drawings noting how in a way, "Pornography is a funhouse mirror," of the urges lots of society attempts to repress. See? It's smart and uninhibited! In all seriousness though, if you enjoy great art and comics--plus you aren't offended if it is incredibly saucy--"Mount Plesant," is a great prestige-sized comic! Buy yourself a copy at this link.

5 out of 5 stars.

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  1. Thank you for the very positive review! Appreciated