Saturday, October 29, 2022

Christopher Reeve Was the Best Superman, Without Question

Over at Polygon, there is a new article by Pete Volk. It argues the best person to ever play Superman is Henry Cavill. Look, I think Henry Cavill is a great Superman and I'm pleased (spoiler alert) that the, "Black Adam," movie made it clear he's coming back for more films. That said, as good as Cavill's Superman is/was he and nobody else can hold a candle to Christopher Reeve. Reeve was a talented actor who by no means is only defined by his time as Superman. However, Reeve defined Superman. 

The way he played Clark Kent versus his powered alter-ego was so skillful you really could believe he'd fool people into thinking his mild-mannered reporter lacked a big secret. His Superman made you want to believe that someone with that much power truly would just want to help people as opposed to being an egocentric and destructive jerk (look at all the, "Evil Superman analogue," stories). Reeve was an amazing Superman and while Cavill is great, let's not go saying Cavill is the best. The gold medal will arguably forever go to Reeve.

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