Wednesday, October 26, 2022

"Gotham Knights," is Hiding a Fun Game Somewhere in All the Rubbish

The, "Arkham," Batman games were fantastic. I wrote a post recently about how the opening of, "Batman: Arkham City," is one of the best game beginnings ever. All, "Gotham Knights," had to do was take those blueprints and apply them to Batman's sidekicks (Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Robin) and the new game, "Gotham Knights," could have been a treat. Instead, it wants to lock a bunch of moves behind upgrades you grind for, make enemies take forever to knock out if you haven't been leveling up your heroes to handle them, and otherwise add a bunch of pointless, "Features," that make you feel less like a superheroic badass and more like Dick Grayson the first week he became Robin--even though in this game he's already Nightwing, but the example stands!

There is cool stuff in, "Gotham Knights." The story is interesting, the characters all interact like a true group of friends who've turned into a family, riding around the city on your souped-up motorcycle is actually fun and quite kinetic (that's the one thing better than, "Arkham Knight," and its tank-like Batmobile, even though I still have a soft spot for that thing). All the good stuff is locked behind pointless looting and crafting-style mechanics, tons of grinding, and otherwise feeling like a ton of unnecessary padding was added to a solid foundation to the point there's more extraneous junk than anything fun. I didn't play enough of, "Gotham Knights," to feel I can offer a concrete review, but if I were to offer anything like a rating it would simply be to go play one of the Arkham games again instead of this disappointment.

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