Monday, October 10, 2022

Interesting News From NYCC 2022

I said I'd probably have a post on the interesting news from the 2022 New York Comic-Con, and here we are. There were some intriguing tidbits so let's cover them!

NYCC 2022 Tidbits

  • DC Comics is going to introduce a new digital subscription tier that allows subscribers to read comics just a month after they've come out. DC is aware this might upset comic shops and is attempting some damage control.
  • Marvel laid out a bunch of upcoming events with a number of them involving the X-Men in some capacity. It is quite different from those years when the X-Men were shuffled to the side and an attempt was made to heavily promote the Inhumans. Clearly, having the film rights to mutants back has made Disney/Marvel quite bullish on the franchise. Blade's newly-introduced teenage daughter is getting a mini-series as well. I like Blade so I hope it is a good read.
  • The publisher Heavy Metal has been having a lot of trouble lately, and Whatnot is going to partner with them and do all the actual publishing. An embattled company teaming up with the live-selling app's publishing venture sounds quite random. It could work or go down in flames. I'm 50-50 on it. Either way, I still enjoy the Whatnot app itself.
  • "The Super Mario Bros." movie had a trailer debut. The internet had thoughts about Chris Pratt voicing Mario.
  • The, "Wednesday," show that focuses on the titular character from The Adams Family had a trailer too. This upcoming Netflix show received a seemingly more excited response than Mario got.
  • In terms of the news that surprised me the most; Joe Quesada spent decades at Marvel as a bigwig but left at the start of the Summer while indicating he wasn't done with comics. DC announced he'll be doing some variant covers and possibly other projects for DC in the future. It is just wild to see Quesada doing DC work after so long at Marvel.
  • Overall, it seems a lot of fun was had and that this year's NYCC delivered plenty of entertainment and cool news.

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