Tuesday, October 25, 2022

A School Shooting Happened in Saint Louis Yesterday, at this Point One Just Feels Exhausted

I'm disturbed, horrified, disgusted, and above all exhausted. I've written about gun violence so many times on this blog and basically, nothing has changed. I shared my one thought on our nation and mass shootings earlier this year. I observed how, "Until our nation addresses its obsession with this absurd conception that any potentially dangerous yahoo can own a gun because it is their, "Right," none of this will ever stop." It keeps happening, and yesterday a mass shooting happened in Saint Louis at a high school. My heart goes out to the families of those we lost and anyone injured. Information is limited but it seems the shooter was a former student who had access to high-capacity rounds and other insanely dangerous weaponry despite being only 19 years old and a civilian.

One struggles not to be numbed by the unending violence our nation seems to suffer from. Our country slathers itself weekly--if not daily--in the blood of mass shooting victims and acts like these deaths are the price of some vague concept of freedom equating to guns. Until something is done nothing will change. Currently, it looks like nothing will change. At this point, gun violence is as American as apple pie.

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