Wednesday, June 29, 2022

My Article Appears Yet Again in the Latest--and Last--Collection of, "Cinema Sewer," AKA the Eighth Volume

In the past, I have discussed enjoying reading Robin Bougie's zine dedicated to indie/trash/adult movies, "Cinema Sewer." Then I was honored to have an article in the 34th and final issue (Bougie has since gone on to do his, "Gutter Hunter," zine about underground comic books). Well, he has published the eighth and final collection of his, "Cinema Sewer," issues so my piece appears again within its pages! Bougie has extra material too and you can easily buy, "Cinema Sewer," Volume 8 at all finer bookstores if you ask them to order it, find it on Amazon (although it is only a preorder for now there), or order it from Bougie on his website so he receives more of a cut from the sale and you get it even sooner! I am so happy to have contributed to the legacy of, "Cinema Sewer," and am excited to read future issues of Bougie's new projects such as the aforementioned, "Gutter Hunter," and whatever else he gets up to!

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