Friday, June 3, 2022

Taco Bell Brought Back the Mexican Pizza and Promptly Sold Out of It

I enjoy some menu items at Taco Bell--I will substitute chicken in my burritos or cheesy gordita crunch meals and often find that tasty. I know people make fun of Taco Bell for not being, "Real Mexican food," but it isn't like our American take on Chinese food is that accurate either. This leads me to discuss how the, "Mexican Pizza," that folks loved at Taco Bell was finally brought back only to promptly sell out and be nearly impossible to find.

Our nation is going through a lot. We've got soaring gas prices, supply chain shortages of baby formula, a friendly country under siege (Ukraine), and now people can't even enjoy a Mexican Pizza. I'm being a little silly about how serious a problem this is, but folks are legit angry on the internet (you may have heard of it) and want their beloved Mexican Pizzas. Hopefully, this nightmare can be resolved and Mexican Pizza will be back for all who desire it to enjoy in a short period of time.

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