Thursday, June 30, 2022

"Take Your Kid to Work Day," #1 Balances Sci-Fi and Human-Focused Storytelling Superbly

I had the opportunity to read the indie comic, "Take Your Kid to Work Day," by Damian Starr and Peter Goffstein. Published by Starr's Illuminatus Comics, it balances the human elements of the story with some more sci-fi concepts in a great manner. The comic focuses on a young boy named Dennis whose parents are divorced and working through a lot of stuff. This is the grounded element of the story and helps you care about the characters before things get more surreal. Dennis gets to go with his dad, Dr. David Perdue, to a lab in a sort of, "Take Your Kid to Work Day," hence the title. However, reality starts to shift and break when the lab malfunctions, releasing all kinds of fictional creatures--some quite dangerous--into the World. Some cliffhangers hint that David maybe didn't realize just what the lab's true end goals were (it wouldn't surprise me if plans existed to weaponize the imaginary creations) and we witness as Dennis seems to go deeper into the strange altered reality within the lab.

I emailed Damian Starr about the comic and how I enjoyed it. He told me that a second issue may not be out for some time (various things in life causing delays) but if anyone would like to read the first issue they can reach out to Illuminatus Comics or his own Facebook page to ask about getting a copy. Damian also mentioned he has done some work for the publisher Outlaw Studio and would encourage folks to check them out as well. I'd recommend giving, "Take Your Kid to Work Day," a read as I enjoyed its mix of relatable human drama and wild sci-fi!

5 out of 5 stars.

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