Friday, June 24, 2022

Flashback Friday: "Giants: Citizen Kabuto," Was a Pleasantly Weird Game

I had this post ready to be the only one for Friday before all the disturbing news. I still wanted to post something more cheery to try to help with how awful the World is looking, though. Therefore, I observe how nowadays you can get really weird and fun games from indie creators. Back when I was a young whippersnapper, however, really weird stuff only came along once in a while, I'd argue. I was thinking about this the other day when I remembered one of the strangest older games I'd ever played. It was called, "Giants: Citizen Kabuto," and it was interesting. 

You play three different kinds of humanoid races who all handle quite differently from using jetpacks or being more water-based or a giant creature that stomps around and eats stuff. The plot involves an island floating through space and the game dabbles in various genres like action and real-time strategy. It sounds messy, and it was, but it was fun too. The game was also horrendously buggy. Glitches aside, it was a good time and really bizarre. You can get it for your computer on GOG or Steam if you want to give it a try sometime. I'd recommend it if you want something just plain bonkers to try out.

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