Wednesday, December 27, 2017

You Already Know Kendrick Lamar Had the Album of the Year!--2017 in Review

Album of the "DAMN." Year
When it comes to rappers putting out new content that I like the list of people I enjoy is quite small with most of my favorite rappers either being dead, retired, or having children with Kardashians and Jenners. Kendrick Lamar is like a shining beacon of light in the darkness however, with his music continuing to just flat-out amaze listeners such as myself. He gave us what was easily my album of the year in 2015 with, "To Pimp a Butterfly," and this year he released, "DAMN.," which is not only a title, but also what anyone who listens to this will most likely exclaim. Whether he's addressing race, politics, gun control, economics, or whatever else is on his mind, King Kendrick is operating at a level of rap-ability I don't think any other living rapper could hope to touch besides maybe Andre 3000 who is of course a genius but chooses to rarely spit any bars.

Lamar's album, "DAMN.," has that period in the title because, "DAMN.," frankly says it all. He's ready to address haters, point out flaws in the world, and otherwise make it apparent that there is more to rap about than being rich, partying, and having lots of women desiring you sexually. While some jokes of rappers are bragging about all the bitches they slept with Lamar is addressing the very broken state of our nation with motherfucking U2 backing him on a track! As long as Kendrick Lamar wants to put out albums I'll surely listen to them, and the odds are extremely good that as long as he keeps rapping he'll keep crafting masterpieces like, "DAMN." which is without any doubt my album of the year. Go buy a copy already if you haven't yet, seriously!

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