Sunday, December 31, 2017

Comic-Book Artist of the Year: Fiona Staples--2017 in Review

Always Amazing
I spotlighted three comic-book writes who especially impressed me this year, but I only have one artist who leapt immediately to mind when it came to who was making the best comic-book art: Fiona Staples. The reason I thought of her is that when one thinks about comics they of course take into account how without an artist someone is just reading prose. The artist's contribution is what makes the story a comic-book and the best artists contribute imagery that the reader would not otherwise be able to conjure on their own if reading simply print. Fiona Staples with her work on, "Saga," unquestionably gives us the kind of amazing imagery that astonishes with how unique and amazing it looks. With Brian K. Vaughn writing and Fiona Staples on art, "Saga," is a continuously smashing read that I bet we will be talking about for years, and which I hope continues coming out for many years as well.

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