Saturday, December 30, 2017

"Tarantula" is my Original Graphic Novel of the Year--2017 in Review

I didn't read a ton of original graphic novels this year, but of the ones I did there is particular title that stands-out in my mind as quite spectacular. Published by Adhouse Books, "Tarantula," is like a psychedelic 1970's genre-flick put to paper with its badass babes, surreal animal-human villains, and of course demon-worship. When I first reviewed it back in June I loved it, and six months later I still adore the book. It is sort of a comic about a crime-fighter known as Tarantula as she solves a mystery, but the book's amazing imagery and pacing make it about so much more. I had so much fun reading, "Tarantula," that it easily is my original graphic novel of the year. I only hope more people check it out!

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