Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Fun Cover-Gimmick of the Year--2017 in Review

A Good Gimmick
I don't always like gimmicks, but the Retailer Appreciation Variant covers that Image did tickled me just right. They look like regular covers except the text is in a shiny gold, and it is just snazzy! I talked back in April about my fondness for them and Image has kept putting them out. I think the reason I like these (besides how fun they look) is that Image doesn't make stores jump through any weird ordering-hoops to get these covers. If they ordered the book they'll just also be sent one of the shiny covers to show Image's appreciation to the shop. These covers don't come out too often, just with the occasional first issue (but not all of them, or else it would be a flood), and they are a cool little thing I liked. Compared to the gimmicks I hated (the Marvel Legacy cover debacle) this is a really fun thing. I hope Image continues doing it into 2018!

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