Friday, December 29, 2017

The (Potentially) Best Films of 2017 I Didn't See

The Ever-Growing List
As has become routine at this point, there are a lot of more movies that might be stellar which I haven't seen than movies people rave about which I have. In honor of that, here is my big ol' list of 2017 flicks I didn't see but should view at some point. Let's go in alphabetical order and begin!

So Many Movies and There Wasn't Enough Time
Baby Driver
Wow, this came out in 2017? I ask because it has Kevin Spacey in it and it feels like forever ago we learned he was a creep. Whatever the case, this movie by Edgar Wright apparently masterfully incorporates music with its action and is otherwise a rollicking good time.
Blade Runner 2049
Apparently despite rave reviews plenty of other people didn't see this either, and it tanked hard at the box office. That said, it's got plenty of talented actors and amazing imagery, so maybe after a quick review of the story in the original, "Blade Runner," as I've forgotten basically everything, I'll check this out.
Brigsby Bear
Kyle Mooney takes a plot that sounds potentially terrifying (child who grew up in a bunker and is obsessed with a pop-culture character nobody else has ever heard of) and makes a movie that actually is kind of sweet and makes you think about how we view our favorite cultural-stuff.
Putting aside how everyone hated the Olaf short that preceded this movie (until they pulled it from theaters), I'm told this is an amazing production full of the usual Pixar charm.
Darkest Hour, The
Gary Oldman plays Winston Churchill in this film that sounds perfect for someone who is a combination of a history buff and Gary Oldman fan like myself.
Disaster Artist, The
adored the book about the making of cult-classic failure, "The Room," so I'd be eager to see a movie about the book about the movie (whew, try saying that five times fast).
Matt Damon shrinks himself down in order to both save the environment and live like a king. It sounds like a weirdly fascinating plot and something I would never do as I'd be terrified someone would step on me.
Christopher Nolan's World War II film filled with minimal dialogue and extensive imagery impressed a variety of reviewers, and again, as someone who enjoys studying history this should appeal to me.
Florida Project, The
I know basically nothing about this movie other than it has Willem Dafoe in it and it's topping a variety of, "Best Movies of 2017," lists. I just had to know it featured Dafoe to want to see it though.
Get Out
I'm honestly embarrassed I still haven't seen this as someone who enjoys political commentary, horror films, and has enjoyed the work of creator Jordan Peele (he's the director of this movie). I need to make sure I see this STAT.
Girls' Trip
A gross-out comedy with a variety of actresses whose work I enjoy? Sounds fun to me!
Good Time
Robert Pattinson has basically been doing all kinds of weird indie-movies ever since the, "Twilight," saga as if he's desperate to prove he can act. You've proven you're talented man, its okay. All the positive buzz for, "Good Time," just solidifies that.
After years in development Hell I as well as everyone else was surprised when it turned out this didn't suck and was actually really good.
John Wick: Chapter 2
Keanu Reeves is a cool guy and a solid actor. "John Wick," was surprise hit and its sequel is apparently splendid as well.
Justice League
I mean, plenty of people didn't like it but as someone who thought even, "Batman VS Superman," had its charms I'm interested in checking it out.
Logan Lucky
Steven Soderbergh is a filmmaker who always manages to impress, so knowing he made this movie which even he has his character's jokingly refer to as a, "Redneck Ocean's Eleven," makes me wanna see it.
Apparently this is a weird movie full of religious symbolism that either had nobody go see it because it is pompous and dumb, or because it is too smart and went over everyone's head, depending on whom you ask.
This is actually a Netflix original movie, but they screened it in some theaters too I believe. It's a weird mixture of genres and features a gigantic pig. Frankly, once I knew it had a mega-pig I was excited.
Patti Cake$
A movie I've heard described as, "Charming," about a lady who wants to be a rapper. I like charming movies, so I'd see it!
Shape of Water, The
Director Guillermo Del Toro is a craftsman at the top of his game and this film about love, humanity, and power is apparently amazing. Plus, from the previews it totally looks like that lady bangs the fish-dude.
Star Wars the Last Jedi
I'm not a diehard, "Star Wars," fan, but I for sure enjoy the series a great deal and look forward to checking this out.
Thor: Ragnarok
I need to make sure to see every MCU film I've missed (not too many, but still) before the big latest, "Avengers," movie comes out so I can be sure I'm fully up-to-speed. Plus, hearing this is a Thor movie that is actually really good is encouraging.
War for the Planet of the Apes
The threequel to the prequel series! I've been a fan of the other two films so I'm eager to check this out. Plus, Woody Harrelson is always a solid actor to put in your film.

There We Go!
If I didn't include a movie on this list there is a good chance I either saw it or don't care about it. 2018 clearly is going to involve some catching-up however!

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