Friday, December 29, 2017

I Probably Didn't Play The Play Game of the Year--2017 in Review

I heard good things, but I didn't play it.
Now that I have a son his needs come first and can push a lot of other stuff I've enjoyed doing to the side. I've had to prioritize the kind of things I like most and basically dramatically reduce my time doing other things I can live without. Considering how much I love comics, music, movies, television, etc. I found that as I played video-games less and less I was okay with it. There are some games I still really want to try, but those epic ones that I hear take 100+ hours just sound terrible for someone trying to find the time to even read some comics now and then when Clarkson is napping.

There are plenty of games I've heard are stellar, but I ain't played them. I don't have a Nintendo Switch so all of its games are out of the question, I didn't try the new Middle Earth game, or, "Destiny 2," or anything relating to the Assassin's Creed games. I did play, "Horizon: Zero Dawn," for a couple hours and thought it was cool, but that's about it. Oh wait, I got a chunk of time in with the 7th, "Resident Evil," game and found it really, really good (and scary). No, "Cuphead," or even the new and fun-sounding South Park game however. I just don't often have time for video-games and that's okay. Maybe sometime I 'll be able to try out all these stellar adventures, just not now.

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