Thursday, December 21, 2017

Not a Good Week for Diversity at Marvel Comics

At least this book isn't cancelled.
So, Marvel basically announced just recently how they are cancelling a variety of comics, ostensibly due to poor sales. Of the comics that are ending, a theme is very clear. Namely, the comics either seem to feature women protagonists, minority leads, LGBTQ leads, or have a creative team that is female, of color and/or LGBTQ. Now, plenty of people will get defensive and yell, "Hey, Marvel didn't cancel these comics because of that!" but the fact remains the comics were cancelled and had those elements. It is just kind of sad, and reminds me of that whole, "Diversity doesn't sell," fiasco that was stated by a Marvel exec not too long ago. Hopefully there will be other promising titles that are yet to be announced that will be both great reads and contain more diversity than a bunch of white dudes. I unfortunately doubt it, but we shall see.