Monday, December 6, 2010

Why I quit reading most X-Men related titles recently.

I love X-Factor and am currently really digging these first 2 issues of Uncanny X-Force. However, I've quite recently dropped X-Men Legacy, Uncanny X-Men, never bothered to pick up Generation X or New Mutants, and the adjective-less X-men with its whole "mutant-vampires" story totally lost my interest by issue 3. My question is, why has this happened? I love some of Matt Fraction's work so I should be really enjoying Uncanny--is the artwork of Greg Land that annoying?
If a woman is drawn by Greg Land it is the law she has to have a dumb smile and huge breasts.

I liked Legacy but found it was just sort of becoming...I don't know, it just seemed to lack spark it had earlier on in its run. As for Generation X, I didn't pick that up just from the sheer annoyance that we had the first 4 mutants of the "5 lights" storyline in Uncanny and suddenly for more of the story you have to pay an additional 3.99 for Gen X while Uncanny swerves and switches to a whole new story about a virus attack. Yeah, that's a good way to piss me off. Maybe it is how I'm on more of a lighter comic-budget in this economy, but I just can't keep reading stories that seem to be mediocre and not getting any better. Has anyone else out there found they feel the same?

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