Sunday, December 12, 2010

This comic stars someone who is over-exposed but I still like him: Deadpool #29

Deadpool #29
Yes, he has way too many comics starring or at least featuring him out on shelves right now. However, I actually like me some Deadpool--when he's written well. His other series/mini-series tend to be hit-or-miss but the main title is generally solid thanks to Daniel Way. Did this issue continue that trend? Let's see...

This was fun. That's the best way to sum up this story-line's conclusion. I loved the last issue with its psychological examination of Deadpool by Dr. Bong (the only people he hates more than himself are his friends? Nice.) and this one was good too. It featured Deadpool using his usually-underutilized intelligence to figure out who the real Steve Rogers was and who was a clone,
Deadpool can actually be smart--sorry for the tiny print.

it had a great fight-scene between the Secret Avengers and clones in clever disguises, and Moon-Knight got some lines, which is always a plus if you love Moon Knight. The art was its usual solid-self and the closing gag/climax was classic Deadpool shenanigans. Daniel Way is a great writer sometimes, seeming to be most at home in comics full of slap-stick with the occasional serious moment. The less said about "Wolverine: Origins", the better, but this is nice stuff. The last issue was a 4.5 out of 5, and this is almost as solid at:
4 out of 5 stars.

P.S. I bought a bunch of Deadpool related stuff on Black Friday and am thinking of having something like a week of Deadpool where I discuss the old "Cable and Deadpool" books, "Wade Wilson's War", "Merc with a Mouth", and the "Deadpool Corps" books. Would anyone want to see this or would it be way too much Deadpool? Comment and I shall follow the masses wishes.

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