Sunday, December 19, 2010

The most consistently good series I have read: X-Factor 212

X-Factor #212
Since it first launched as a part of, "Decimation," the theme of a some x-men books as the aftermath of, "House of M," X-Factor has been the most always-good book I've read. The art has changed constantly, but the writer has always been the same, good ol' Peter David. From its 50 issues until the numbering changed to 200 and on, this has been a great comic. It also helps I love how Peter David writes Madrox (he's my favorite mutant character arguably thanks to David).

This issue features guest-star Thor helping out our team of mutant investigators as they continue trying to save classic character Pip the troll from the evil Norse God, Hela--who has become a casino-owner in Las Vegas. I realize this all sounds crazy, and it is, but David himself has a great sense of humor that acknowledges how silly the adventures X-Factor goes on are. Some sub-plots advance a bit too, with Rictor's lover Shatterstar learning that Rictor's ex-girlfriend Rahne may not be preggers with Rictor's baby after-all. Yeah, did I mention this comic is also kind of like a super-hero soap-opera?

Anyways, this series is worth reading from the beginning, and that's counting the excellent mini-series that led into this, "Madrox". X-Factor is not always great, but it is unquestionably continuously good, and when it is great it is even more of a joy to read. Start with this issue, a previous one, wherever, just start! This issue is definitely another one of the even-better-than-good ones.
4 out of 5 stars.

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