Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Marvel announces new major event, I try to pretend to care.

So, today Marvel announced a new event called, "Fear Itself," that is going to be on the scale of Marvel's Civil War Event. Another, really? Look, I really enjoy some Marvel books, but have just sort of burned out on event-comics. Why? Let's discuss and bring in some humorous and distasteful metaphors too.

This is just too much. It's not even the event mini-series itself, its all the tie-ins you have to buy to get the full story. I liked Civil War, I found Secret Invasion okay, and didn't really like Siege. It seems we just keep going downhill. Now we get some other huge earth-shattering event with lines like, ""What happens when fear gets so prevalent that it seems the norm?" and "The line between hero and villain will be blurred... and crossed." Also, this time we are working in the X-men? They usually sit these events out. Oh, and Dracula is being thrown in there too for some reason. The one thing that makes me possibly interested is that a writer I quite like, Matt Fraction, is the one in charge of all this, but even that can't make me generate much excitement.
I just feel like Marvel is that abusive husband who insists that this time if you take him back everything's going to be okay and, "I promise baby, this time I won't get your hopes up and then hurt you. I swear, it won't be anything like Secret Invasion where I start off great and then in the end you feel used and dirty, come on, you can trust me." This is pretty much exactly what the Marvel big-wigs are saying when confronted about how this is another big event. Observe: "You don't set off saying, 'Let's tell a major event.' You start with a nugget of an idea and it starts gaining steam in the room and it gets workshopped," Alonso said of the decision to pursue "Fear Itself" as an event series. "Matt came in with an idea and we beat it up like we did with 'Civil War' and 'Secret Invasion,' until we thought we had something really sound ... [and] we realized that we were saying something that's relevant to today, and it had outreach beyond just the comic book community." See, I promise I won't beat you this time, baby.

Thanks to Comic Book Resources for the quotes I essentially stole from here and here, respectively to how they are used in my article.

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