Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to my Gentile Friends.

Merry Christmas! I may be Jewish but I still enjoy a good gingerbread cookie and sitting on Santa's lap telling him what I want even though as a Jewish person he tells the Hanukkah Troll what I want. Yes, Jews have their own version of Santa, the Hanukkah Troll. No, I swear I did not just make him up. Okay, I did. Anyways, in the spirit of the holidays I now present to you one of the funniest SNL clips ever, sorry for the mandatory advertisement beforehand, but the wait is worth it:

Those Under Underground Records skits always get me laughing like a madman. As my gift to you here is the original and even funnier one:

Now I shall eat some Chinese food as my people are wont to do on this holiday.

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