Friday, December 28, 2018

Movies of the Year...That I Missed--2018 in Review

The Stuff I Didn't See
As has now become tradition, I will discuss many of the movies I meant to see this year, or at least wanted to see, and for some reason or another still have yet to watch. As always, be aware that just because a movie is on this list that doe not mean it is any good (or bad), it could be amazing or terrible, but until I am able to view it, I shan't say for sure.

The List of Flicks
One of the better DC movies stars Aquaman, now that's interesting.

A Quiet Place
Horror and sci-fi collide in a movie about aliens (I assume they are aliens) who prey on humans via sound. Apparently it masterfully uses this gimmick of quiet-versus-loud to bring about some big scares.

Spike Lee has some incredible films, some huge misfires, and stuff that has potential but struggles. I was glad to hear that, "BlackKkKLansman," which draws from a true story, is an example of Lee hitting it out of the park (so to speak). Apparently as suspenseful and insightful as it is funny, this is one movie I'm going to be sure and see sooner than later.

This movie apparently was actually pretty deep as well as funny. Plus, I like John Cena.

Bohemian Rhapsody
I know there has been some debate over just how accurate or inaccurate this movie is in portraying the life of Freddie Mercury, but it sure does look entertaining.

Can You Ever Forgive Me
I love Melissa McCarthy and this movie is apparently one of the best this year, so that sounds like a winning combination.

Christopher Robin
Ewan McGregor and Winnie the Pooh team-up to face the biggest challenge of all--adulthood. Sounds both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.

Crazy Rich Asians
The well-reviewed comedy that made enough box office bank to be able to say, "Shut the Hell up," to anyone who claims that Asian-leads don't drive ticket sales.

Creed II
Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone continue to box and philosophize.

Death of Stalin (The)
A dark comedy in fact based upon a comic-book which covers the time in Russia after Stalin died and attempts were made to help make the country a little less miserable (Stalin was a horrible person). It also has Steve Buscemi, so that's a bonus as well.

First Man
A movie about the moon landing. My Grandfather actually worked for NASA and was involved in big moments in history such as this, and the movie has gotten rave reviews, so I want to see it.

First Purge (The)
Remember when these, "Purge," movies just seemed so hilariously far-fetched? Do you also recall how uncomfortably plausible the trailer for, "The First Purge," seemed as an actual political ad? Yeah, it is weird and very disturbing when a franchise that started with an outlandish reason for a home-invasion movie has morphed into one of the most relevant social and political commentaries of our time.

Game Night
This one came out all the way back in February and looked like a humorous flick about some couples who don't realize their supposed story-themed, "Game Night," has in fact turned into an actual life-or-death situation. It looked worth at least a laugh or two, so I ought to see it sometime.

This one surprised a lot of folk by making a ton of cash and being really, really good.

Happytime Murders (The)
I know everyone has said it is awful, but Fuck you, I said I love Melissa McCarthy and I stand by that. I will watch her in basically anything.

Everyone keeps saying you should see this movie knowing nothing about it other than it is quite scary. Well, I know nothing about it other than that, so I guess I'm prepared for when I eventually watch it.

Incredibles 2
Pixar has a spotty history with sequels, sometimes making amazing ones (the, "Toy Story," films) and other times giving us stuff we didn't need at all (anything related to, "Cars," for sure). That said, it sounds like, "Incredibles 2," delivered on all the hopes of folk who loved the original.

Isle of Dogs
A quirky animated feature by the master of off-kilter humor, Wes Anderson? Yes, please!

Life of the Party
Again, I'll watch anything with Melissa McCarthy, she is awesome.

Mary Poppins Returns
I absolutely adore the original, "Marry Poppins," movie, having loved watching it as a kid. A snazzy sequel sounds right up my alley.

Meg (The)
As I understand it this movie features Meg Ryan turning into a shark and eating people as revenge for no longer getting much in the way of movie roles, and only Jason Statham can stop her. Am I right? Does the plot even matter with a movie people went to for the sole purpose of seeing a big shark eat people?

Mission: Impossible--Fallout
If you had told me that of all franchises this one would still be coming out with films getting tons of plaudits and making serious box-office bank back when only the decent-but-flawed first one had come out, I would've been a bit surprised. Then again, if you had told me in 1996 that 20+ years later a whole bunch of then-C-list superheroes would have dominated the box office I would've been shocked too, so basically the future is hard to predict, is what I'm saying.

A corny B-film with an A-film budget, American soldiers fight Nazis who have made inhuman monsters. Sounds fun.

Pacific Rim: Uprising
I thought the first one was some good dumb fun, I would hope the 2nd is more of the same (if not a little bit more over-the-top).

Ralph Breaks the Internet
Previews for this had me worried it was just going to be a never-ending stream of jokes about memes and such, but apparently this sequel has a lot of the same heart as the original.

Ready Player One
Apparently the movie is a lot better than the book, even if the whole thing was horribly flawed, did so-so box office numbers, and is never going to be on a, "Best of," list when it comes to the most-beloved films Steven Spielberg has directed.

Solo: A Star Wars Story
I'll be honest, I have zero interest in this movie for any reason other than I love Donald Glover and am eager to see him as Lando Calrissian, everything else about this I could take or leave as someone who enjoys, "Star Wars," but isn't a die-hard fan.

Sorry to Bother You
A movies full of social commentary about telemarketing, race, and it looks incredibly funny. I want to see it.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
An animated Spider-Man movie that looks pretty darn fun.

I mean, the millions of people who saw it and loved it can't be wrong...right?

Man, Christian Bale is crazy. Whether he's making himself weigh almost nothing for, "The Machinist," getting super-buff to be Batman, or gaining an absurd amount of weight to be former President Dick Cheney I imagine Bale's doctor often pleads with the actor to quit putting his body through so damn much trauma.

A dramatic heist flick about a bunch of women who have lost their criminal husbands having to unite to pull off a big job. Viola Davis brings her amazing gravitas to any role, so I'd see this just for her.

White Boy Rick
One of those true stories so outlandish the previews even admit it sounds crazy, "White Boy Rick," sounds like an interesting crime-tale and it has the usually great Matthew McConaughey involved, so that's a plus too.

Won't You Be My Neighbor
This sounds like a fascinating documentary about one of the few genuinely decent and kind people in the world who just wanted us to be our best, Mister Rogers. He wasn't perfect, as this movie admits, but he was damn well close.

You Were Never Really Here
He may be a difficult person sometimes, but  Joaquin Phoenix knows how to act.

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