Friday, December 28, 2018

Writer-Artists of the Year--2018 in Review

Doing Both!
Comic-books are oftentimes a collaborative process, with a writer and artist working closely together to produce a final product. There are some creators who do both however, and it is worth spotlighting these writer-artists who produce amazing work.

Words and Pictures
Tom Scioli for, "Go-Bots."
The second issue just came out the 26th (I loved the first) and with only two issues out so far this comic is already a masterpiece. Scioli's work on, "Transformers VS G.I. Joe," was incredible and he has continued to step-up his game taking a property often disrespected and making it a thrilling and gorgeous read. Scioli is just plain amazing, to put it simply.

Sean Murphy for, "Batman: White Knight."
Earlier in 2018 Sean Murphy's impressive alternate-Universe take on Batman and the Joker, "Batman: White Knight," came to a conclusion that was both solid and left the door open for future stories. Murphy's impressive scratchy-style meshed perfectly with his political and psychological yarn where the Joker is cured and then proceeds to try and help Gotham in a way that calls the usefulness of Batman into question. I just hope a sequel is made before too long--and that it has Murphy at the writing and drawing helm.
Michel Fiffe for, "Bloodstrike: Brutalists."
Michel Fiffe is probably best known by many for his absolutely incredible magnum opus of a series, "COPRA." When he's not doing that however he can be found popping-up in call kinds of places, such as on the four-issue Image mini-series, "Bloodstrike: Brutalists." Fiffe's work takes a comic that bursts with 1990's excess and both gives it a modern sheen yet evokes that classic era in a way which is nostalgic without pandering. While, "COPRA," is his masterpiece, it is good to see Fiffe has time to utilize his genius on other projects as well.

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