Friday, December 28, 2018

Fiasco of the Year: Batman's Penis and the Backlash--2018 in Review

A barely-visible penis mostly shrouded in the shadows caused more trouble than I or anyone else would have ever predicted for DC Comics this year. The first book to be released as a part of the, "Black Label," (not counting comics retroactively given that label) was titled, "Batman: Damned," and as a part of the Black Label featured a more mature and out-of-continuity take on a popular DC hero--in this case, Batman. It also had a page where you could just barely make-out Bruce Wayne's penis. This resulted in a whole lot of press, the comic shot-up in demand when it became clear all future printings would erase the offending member, and now the whole Black Label seems to be in trouble...all because of a penis.

Keep in mind us readers have had comics featuring Batman beating criminals to a pulp, his villains viciously torturing and murdering innocents, but seeing a little bit of the Batawang when the hero is changing his clothes (that's right, it is not even a penis presented in a sexual situation) causes a bunch of corporate hand-wringing upon said penis getting a little media attention. I suppose America as a nation is still so full of mixed-up views on the human body that I should not be surprised how much publicity this caused, but it was a fiasco for sure.

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