Sunday, December 30, 2018

My Biggest Mistake/Most Wrongheaded Prediction--2018 in Review

It Made How Much Money?
I truly would have never, ever predicted what happened with, "Venom." I would've told you it looked kind of hokey (even if I like Tom Hardy) and was going to bomb in theaters. I mean, it was a movie about a famous foe of Spider-Man that wasn't even going to have that character in the movie! I mean, a Cinematic Universe by Sony featuring everybody who knows Spidey without ever acknowledging that bond sounded so dumb (and I still wonder if the other flicks will succeed), how would this make any money? It made a lot. Hell, it continued to make serious bank all the way into December until the DVD came out and people could continue showering, "Venom," with money in the comfort of their home.

Out of all the mistakes I made this year, all the predictions I got wrong, this is one I really blew. There is no sugar-coating it, I totally missed the mark. As for if the movie is any good or not, I'll withhold judgement until I'm able to see it. I mean, if it is this popular clearly plenty of people liked it even despite quite mixed reviews.

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