Tuesday, December 18, 2018

"Permission," by Ro James is a Great Song About Consent

There has been a lot of argument lately over, "Baby, It's Cold Outside," and if the song is supportive of sexual assault (it isn't, in my opinion, as I've stated). With all this discussion occurring it does remind me that there is a song which has been out for a bit and is essentially all about consent. That song is, "Permission," by Ro James. Listen below:

Within the song, "Permission," the singer, Ro James, discusses how, "With your permission," he is going to do all sorts of raunchy sexual stuff with a woman. He repeatedly states he will only do so, however, with consent. The chorus of the song in fact declares, "Come on give me that green light, and you can let your hair hang down, but only if it feels right. Oh oh, give me that green light." Ro James also states in the bridge a counter to the classic claim of how once a couple started getting intimate the man just couldn't stop, crooning, "Baby I can't stop, won't stop, until you say so." James is affirming that once given the, "Green Light," he is going to give the woman, "A whole lot of motherfuckin' lovin' that's way past due," but also is sure to point out, "Ain't no pressure, it's all on you," making sure this female he is eager to have sex with knows he fully respects if she does not want, "A little me on you."

The whole song is very sensual and seductive, but also manages to both discuss how consent is important, and goes so far as to emphasize that consent itself is sexy. After all, James knows that with her permission she is comfortable with him doing, "All the things that I said I'm gon' do," however erotic and kinky they may be. If you ever get young people saying how stopping whatever they are doing with their partner to ensure there is consent, "Isn't sexy," or, 'Ruins the mood," point this song out to them. Ro James makes sure he is aware exactly what the woman he wants to have sex with is comfortable doing, and proceeds accordingly, knowing that if she declines to have intercourse that is her right--but if she says yes, get ready for a rollicking time! People may debate the context of, "Baby, It's Cold Outside," until the end of time, but Ro James knows the importance of permission.

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